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Gary, yes rock art takes many formats. As many as various kinds of art today. One of the motivators could loosely be termed “art for art's sake,” meaning a mixture of compulsion (the conscious element being appropriation of turf, the subconscious element self-assertion), and therapy, and graffiti.
Rock engraving is rarely “a form of writing” as it was in parts of north America. Its “grammar” was basic in the extreme. The Hopi word tutuveni for any form of art, symbol or sign, does not mean that their art is hieroglyphic in the same sense as Mayan writing. The Amerinian ‘grammars’ I have seen, despite informers, resembles argot.
Most writing systems are either from pictographs (Chinese), or phonemes, Egyptian being both.
I have demonstrated in 2014 that the two large panels named Newspaper Rock, on in Monticello, both contain the much more complex, universally standard, subconscious ‘grammar’ of the visual expression of culture. See one of them about three-quarters through this post (with an interesting comparison to a Chinese Tien Shan range engraving containing 'Egyptian' scarabs);
Mis-identifications of many engravings as ‘proto Linear A Minoan’ or ‘Ogham’ reveals the paradigm of some researchers.
Studying various forms of rock art as “meaningful when examined within the contexts of time, place, culture, and society”, was labelled and explained as “framed idiosynchrasy” by Lewis Williams and Pierce (2012). Meaning that researchers believe, as you do, that the artists and viewers understood every word.
Thy main misunderstanding of art is that “symbolism is part of information exchange, communication systems”. I agree with the rest of Cole’s phrase; “and acts to express and reinforce group identities." That is the main conscious function of art. But that function does not require precise meanings of symbols. Vague meanings work better. Nazis and Mao and others use several signs and words and gestures and dances and gymnastics so as to invite broad participation, and to invite natural hyena personalities to sustain the cause, which is never specific, except in its pecking order. Much like academia.
The terms “archaeological record... often derive from various aspects of prehistoric cosmologies and mythic systems... prehistoric ideologies” are rhetorical and misleading in several ways. Schaafsma is rhetorising. He implies a culture is unique enough to be “almost totally lost.” I have found that culture is self-sustaining, self-mutating, and never lost. Thus it is never “re-discovered”, but perpetually re-expressed.
Your source, and you, firmly believe that “the sacred dimension and certain related practices of the prehistoric period" were different at other times, and in other places.
You ask how a migratory group could bring genes without culture, which you define as “specific ceremonial practices... repertoire of cultural idiosyncrasies.” Slaves migrate against their will, their social structure collapses, and their repertoires are warped. Masters migrate to exploit, and ‘go native’ without noticing. I have given you an example that some migrations adopt what you would describe as novel cultures. Since you do not recognise culture as archetypal, and study only stylisation. I have given the example of Mongols who spread genes without much culture. Romans spread genes and absorbed culture. Norse spread culture without much genes. Many Chinese are Christian. There are no pure strains of genes. ‘Genetic culture’ is a common or garden belief formalised by Nazi Germany, colonial powers, and other oppressors. It is no longer articulated in anthropology, but remains part of the paradigm of the humanities. And in popular culture. Which is why I want you to see the error in your poetic use of culture and ‘science’. Or Scientism.
Cape Malay tradition includes kachina rituals, not coming from Hopi, and probably not from Berbers. And if you find a thin strand of ‘genes and ritual’ there, that does not mean that they would otherwise not have had kachina rituals. Regarding “staid and stately kasinam” among the caricatures, Cape Malay troupes all have a serious, sad character, reminder of social wrongs. Romans had reminders of death, all cultures have ars moriendi.
If the “Hopi directional system hinges upon the solstice sunrise and sunsets points”, then they would have had to change some details during their migration from South America, at a different latitude. If not, then midsummer and midwinter punctuation points is not unique to Hopi, but to all cultures, particularly in the Ice Age. You infer that some cultures are based on scientific astronomy. They merely had some astronomers among them, just like today.
Myth is more true than the conscious truth. Your poet dumbs down Plato.

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