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I thought you would like to see some Hongshan discs, and compare them with a few other discs I have from other, mainly later, cultures. You will notice that there is some resonance with Hongshan on notched discs from later cultures. Notice also weathering, including on the Han pieces.

First some notched discs, starting with the largest, which contains both root mark-dictated crystal hydration, and some script (also weathered across carving lines)

This disc is 22 cm across

Note the root mark, which is present on both sides; clearly a root impacted the side, split and went both ways. On Nephrite jade roots must be an excellent portal for entry of water. Nephrite crystals hydrate easily (in geological terms)

These three are likewise flanged; bottom two are sister pieces

Simpler discs. Note some show a face in profile

Four other Hongshan discs

Six geometric discs

Two small Liangzhu discs with classical motifs from that culture, which overlaps with Hongshan

Note how crudely carved it is from a quite thick flat piece of jade

Note the three animal heads, but clearly later than Hongshan ? Late Zhou

A lovely Han disc with dragons on one face


A notched Han disc

Jade quite thick, and not rounded

This is clearly paleolithic, hand-carved and has root marks. I bought this from a drug rep!

This is a stunning Warring States piece with the chicken head motif - carved on both sides. 27 com in diameter and makes a very nice note when struck

Transilluminates sunlight. The white areas have degraded to asbestos, fibres seen under the microscope. Was said to be an 'obvious fake' by experts at the Chinese University art museum, because of the weathering - a bit of tortured thinking there I felt.

Small bird script disc ?Zhang

Finally, I bought this piece from the same shop as sold me the large disc. It has been heavily polished and has a degraded area, but the irregular drilling of the central hole is I believe often seen with Han pieces, drilled out from both sides poorly aligned, and then rounded off.

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