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I can see that sex and its relevant official organs is not a great switch-on for the latter-day Hancock Hongshanista, so to liven things up a bit towards the end of this, the shortest, AoM month, I’ll try something REALLY depressing. What is left, when sex is no longer even a memory, and the dongler, now shorter, no longer even dangles, let alone is any use for a consensual shared dongle? The answer is the skull, that most precious but depressing of skeletal remains, for which the Hongshan people also showed the greatest respect - so here are some of the skulls in my collection.

Most of my nephrite jade pieces are small

I was delighted to be able to put these two pieces together again in their second life, as they had been in death. For a discussion see my book (still free for just the cost of the postage). I was given one in Hong Kong, Dandelion antiques, and found its brother or sister (sexing of skulls is difficult) in a Tony Wilson horde in Australia. Thanks Tony.

This is a group of three skull humanoids

These are five in beautiful black jade (the black being due to pyrite inclusions in the background tremolite. Note the skull on a skull; how depressed can a man get?

Close-up of the perched bird on the skull, for which the drill hole was never finished

Eight small shui jing glass skulls


Finally two quite large skulls with the central hole drilled out to 6 cm diameter (clear glass skull) and 5.7 (Cobalt blue skull) respectively. Clues to an extraordinary technology

And finally one of a pair of superb skull masks in red shui jing. Note the line of putative microdiamonds picked up by the glass, and lying in what looks like amorphous carbon. The largest of these crystals is 500 microns across

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