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What a story about the Archimedes manuscript! But it hails way back to 2002. Imagine leaving it on a table and then go and have a three course meal, finding out about it and having to eat your way through the meal first. Enough to make you choke on it.
Archimedes does seem wiser, not just different! Wisdom does not necessarily follow a straight line.


michael seabrook Wrote:
> A book that could have changed the history of the
> World. Lost for over a thousand years, it contains
> a unique record of the world and mind of one of
> the greatest men ever, a mathematical genius who
> was centuries ahead of his time: Archimedes.
> It's an extraordinary thought that if scientists
> had had access to this document mathematics might
> be far more developed now. Who knows as a result
> how different the modern world might look and all
> because of something written by a man in the 3rd
> century BC.
> If we had been aware of the discoveries of
> Archimedes hundreds of years ago we could have
> been on Mars today, we could have have developed
> the computer that is as smart as a human being
> today, we could have accomplished all of the
> things that now people are predicting for a
> century from now.
> <[]
> destrans.shtml>

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