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In my opinion, the amount or levell of profundity of an insight depends on the interpretation of it by the one who has had the insight; and that all 'insights' emanate from or are created or imagined by the brain. Discussion with others may improve or vary the interpretation.

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Indra's Web 1515 PB Bytes 06-Nov-17 17:08
Re: Indra's Web 325 Itatw70s 06-Nov-17 21:41
Indra's Web ? 322 PB Bytes 06-Nov-17 22:46
Re: Indra's Web ? 321 Itatw70s 06-Nov-17 23:42
Re: Indra's Web ? 324 PB Bytes 07-Nov-17 00:28
Re: Indra's Web ? 344 Itatw70s 07-Nov-17 03:37
Re: Indra's Web ? 351 greengirl5 07-Nov-17 22:22
Re: Indra's Web 324 judecurrivan 08-Nov-17 12:32
Re: Indra's Web 345 PB Bytes 08-Nov-17 16:13
Re: Indra's Web 333 judecurrivan 09-Nov-17 12:27
Re: Indra's Web 332 PB Bytes 09-Nov-17 16:47
Re: Indra's Web 316 Itatw70s 09-Nov-17 18:54
Re: Indra's Web 343 judecurrivan 10-Nov-17 08:42
Re: Indra's Web 314 judecurrivan 10-Nov-17 08:40
Re: Indra's Web 722 Susan Doris 11-Nov-17 06:42

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