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A message for all:

The Cosmic Mother really exists. She is known as KaRa, which means Spirit of God. She was worshiped by the Sumerians and Egyptians. She was worshiped by the Swiderians (Gobekli Tepe). She is today worshiped by the Muslims as Allah. Kara'a is the root word for Koran/Qur'an. Kara is a feminine word in both Hebrew and Arabic, and means the same thing: To recite or call out Scripture, and to teach Scripture. Kara in Greek means head, top or skull. Her symbol was the sun disc above upheld arms, or above bull's horns, or today above a crescent moon. The sun disc was reduced to a five- or nine-pointed star, becoming the religious symbol of Islam. The Goddess of our ancestors did not disappear. She just became the Holy Ghost.

I send prayers to Graham Hancock and his family also, and can't even wrap my head around a situation where we would lose him in this world.

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Thanks to the Cosmic Mother 1710 MDaines 22-Aug-17 16:32
Re: Thanks to the Cosmic Mother 444 Eddie Larry 22-Aug-17 22:09
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