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I refer you to my article and the meanings of GU₂ and BI, the two cords. Here, I follow up with the figure carved in stone at Gobekli Tepe, quite clearly matriarchal (!), and give the source of the Sumerian word for womb, GAN. The two cords join Earth to the cosmic womb.
It’s not a second meaning, Robert. It’s the original meaning; Potbelly Hill is not wrong because it is a later, descriptive meaning (but with strong implication that there is a ‘navel’). When I say that the name GO-BE-KI-LI is a gift, I hope it is obvious that I’m referring to the syllables of the name of this particular site, and the possibility of analysing them for more understanding of the site and its purpose. There are also other places with similar names to consider. I suggest in my book that GOBE, GOBI, BIGO, BIGU, all versions of the same, come from the same linguistic source.
You write “I am not sure how linking this site to the cosmic womb would go ‘against the flow’. And if some ‘respected authors’ get their noses out of joint then who cares?”
This is what I wrote “I am painfully aware that it goes against the flow, including that of highly respected authors who have devoted whole sections of books to them, to question the validity of assumptions about such famous names as Enki or Gilgamesh. For Enki, see my post on the Mysteries board “Enki and the Cap of stone”. For Gilgamesh, well…I don’t know but I have doubts. No disrespect intended to anyone. I care only about truth.”
You have conflated two completely separate sections of this post.


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