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From your article:

Gobekli and other sites of extreme antiquity are the navels of Earth, the spiritual portals of its inhabitants. They speak of an eternal link to the Matriarchal womb through two cords (GU/GO-BI). They carry such tremendous force, have infused the Earth with their energy from such a remote age that mankind will never succeed in cutting those cords or in shaking Her off. Her life blood still flows through our rivers, down through the age-old gulleys (GU2/GO) carved into mountain sides countless years ago…and through us. There is no deal to be done, no covering up of bellybuttons, no final severing possible. Mother knows best.

I have been looking at the possibility that terrestrial earth is biological. The idea that our planet is part of a greater universal biological system is derived from my earlier work that claims life on earth is part of a creator beings reproductive system. So your claim that sites such as Gobekli Tepe are the navels of earth (the life blood of mother earth - flows through our rivers – carved into mountain sides - etc.) makes a lot of sense to me.

There are some other points I would like you to comment on. In an earlier post to the Mysteries thread I have made the link between, on the one hand; mysterious ancient buildings, unexplained geological formations and ancient technology – and on the other hand, the many strange functions of DNA. We have observed for example, that DNA has transposable elements (sections of DNA that are cut out of one place in the genome and re-inserted in a different place) sometimes called ‘jumping genes’. There are also introns – sections of non coding DNA that are mysteriously inserted into coding sections of DNA. Introns have to be snipped out, the loose ends of the gene sequence spliced back together again, before the gene can code for building protein. There are also biological ‘hot spots’. Biological hot spots are sections of DNA that mutate at a much higher rate than normal sections of DNA. see: []

Have you contemplated the idea that ancient hieroglyphs might be a form of DNA? If this is the case then it might explain why so much of the history that relates to earlier civilisations remains incomprehensible. For like transposable elements and introns ancient symbols/artifact etc. seem to pop into existence from nowhere. And like hot spots they seem more common in some places – while appearing less frequently in others.

This model also provides a rationale. It is thought for example the insertion of ancient, non coding, DNA into coding DNA is important for retaining a link with our biological past. Thus it would seem, if terrestrial earth is also a biological system, then Sumerian symbols, mysterious buildings, unexplained geological formations and ancient technologies, are there to link terrestrial earth with the greater biological system of which it is a part.

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