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Wikipedia states: The exact meaning of Enki is uncertain: the common translation is "Lord of the Earth". The Sumerian En is translated as a title equivalent to "Lord" and was originally a title given to the High Priest. Ki means 'earth'. but there are theories that ki in this name has another origin, possibly kig of unknown meaning, or kur meaning "mound". The name Ea is allegedly Hurrian in origin while others claim that his name 'Ea' is possibly of Semitic origin and may be a derivation from the West-Semitic root hyy meaning "life" in this case used for "sprint", running water." In Sumerian E-A means "the house of water", and it has been suggested that this was originally the name for the shrine to the god at Eridu.

Enki is described as the God of Creation, Intelligence, Crafts, Water, Seawater, Lakewater, Fertility, Semen, Magic, Mischief. He is depicted on the Sumerian Adda Seal of Akkadian origin as a man with streams of water coming out or into him, containing swimming fish. I find this interesting in light of his astrological symbol, the Goat-fish chimera, Sea-Goat, or Capricorn of Babylonian origin, and Sun sign dates of December 22 to January 20, health (life) and sexuality, brings us back to Zeus, who MDaines translates as ZE (life) and US (masculinity) in Sumerian.

DMaines states the following:
Sumerian ZE means ‘to rise’ and ‘life’. US here is the suffix for masculinity, the symbol taking the form of a penis! You will notice that the turbulent Greek heroes have names ending in US and it is for that reason. ZE-US. We are in the presence of the Sumero-Greek cosmic character. It is amusing to note that US is also part of the etymology of chaos: KA-US, the virile mouth. But then it was in a matriarchal age that such notions came into being!

The creation of mankind is mythologically tied to Enki and Nin-hursag, and we find, according to Scott Alan Roberts in his book, The Secret History of the Reptilians (2013), Enki is linked to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, who taught Eve about sex. Then Eve taught Adam about sex. Sex was the forbidden fruit, and therefore we are all guilty of the original sin because we are all the product of sex, which God did not want Adam and Eve to engage in. With their fall from grace, and exile from the Garden of Eternal Life, we must reincarnate again and again to experience consciousness and intelligence in this world. But what is even more important, according to Roberts, is that the Serpent (Enki) mated with Eve and produced Cain, while Adam and Eve produced Abel. That is why Roberts says we are all descendents of Cain and Enki, our Reptilian ET ancestor. Adam and Eve were the hybrid products of a primate, Enki, and Nin-hursag, who provided the original womb for our creation. Therefore, Enki gave Cain a double dose of his DNA when he mated with Eve, who was in effect his daughter. Hence, the original sin includes incest.

Thus, the story of our origins is becoming more and more complex and uncertain. Believe it or not.

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