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A quick re-grouping here of points made on these two Sumerian characters. You can find my in-depth analysis of the Sumerian symbols behind Enki in a post on the Mysteries board titled ‘Enki and the Cap of Stone'.

I mentioned elsewhere that Sumerian seals show the old symbol EN meaning both ‘noble’ and ‘end’ in the form of the headgear worn by the ‘gods’. That goes some way to explaining the enigmatic title of my post. There is more in a cap of stone than meets the eye. See a few of those curious hats here:

Then on the subject of Zeus, I wrote the following:
Sumerian ZE means ‘to rise’ and ‘life’. US here is the suffix for masculinity, the symbol taking the form of a penis! You will notice that the turbulent Greek heroes have names ending in US and it is for that reason. ZE-US. We are in the presence of the Sumero-Greek cosmic character. It is amusing to note that US is also part of the etymology of chaos: KA-US, the virile mouth. But then it was in a matriarchal age that such notions came into being!

Enki or Zeus? Which one is a truly Sumerian character?

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