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Unfortunately Entangled fell foul of its UK publishers (the main publishers), Random House, who didn't support it after my editor left. In fact the new people who took it over seemed to hate it!! I couldn't bear working with them and cancelled the contract for Vol 2 and repaid the advance. Then I went with my old editor in his new publishing house but for a number of reasons we couldn't immediately bring out Entangled 2. We decided I should do another series of novels first, on a story with a related theme (the battle of good against evil) but with a more mainstream historical setting. This is the War God series, of which Volume 1, War God: Nights of the Witch, and War God 2: Return of the Plumed Serpent, have already been published and I have delivered Volume 3, War God: Night of Sorrows for publication in 2017. There will also be a final volume 4 of the War God series. Although the series is about the Spanish Conquest of Mexico you will find yourself in familiar terrain if you dip into it. I have not abandoned Entangled, I promise. Ria and Leoni will escape the underworld and there will, in the end, be a spectacular victory of the light. I had already written 100 pages before my bust-up with my publishers and the plan was to bring out Entangled 2 in 2016. That, too, had to be postponed, however, because in the past three years I have deeply re-dedicated myself to my non-fiction work, first with Magicians of the Gods and now with a big book on ancient America that I’m presently working on for publication in 2017.

Nonetheless Entangled will be finished as soon as I get some breathing space. The story matters to me and it needs to be completed so that I, and my readers, can have the positive closure that was built into the narrative from the start. Entangled is, ultimately, about human goodness and courage.

In response to Sally A, in this thread, -- yes I know the violence in Entangled is a tough read. Believe me it was a tough write to! But none of the horrors described there were made up. I'm sorry to say that these are all things that human beings have done to one another in different places at different periods of history. If we are to confront evil and darkness it is important we bring it into the light and face up to it. As a species we have the ability to learn from our mistakes, but if we shut our eyes and ears and pretend that all is rosy in the human garden, then we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn. My approach in Entangled was to put all this front and centre. My apologies that it offended you, Sally, but being offended about it doesn't change the reality of human history -- both bad and good.

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