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Jason’s syntactic sidetracks give the impression that he is a well-read, erudite scholar but a closer scrutiny of his criticisms often reveals his assertions to be flawed.

1.) Jason wrote that the Mycenaean gods were no longer in existence at the time of Homer.

Jason was incorrect; the Mycenaean gods did exist at the time of Homer.

2.) Jason claims that there are no reliable reports of Dionysus's presence in India prior to Alexander the Great.

The reports of Dionysus's pre-Alexandrian presence in India were recorded by the historian Arrian Anabasis Alexandri . Arrian was quoting sources written by witnesses at the time of Alexander, therefore Jason’s statement is inaccurate.

3.) Jason opines that legends of cave-dwelling ogres in S.E. Asia date only to historical times i.e. 1200 A.D.

Traditional Javanese folklore states that shortly after the gods had created the Island of Java it become habitable.The first race to rule the island was the race of denawa (giant demons), who repressed all creatures and ate humans. Aji Saka, the hero who slays the cannibal demon is said to have come from Jambudwipa (India) or from Shaka (Schytia). The Balinese legend of the giant cannibal Kbo Iwo can also be traced back to an obvious primeval origin, i.e. "he carved the exquisite Gunung Kawi cave panels near Tampak Siring with his nails"

Jason’s claim that Mayadenawa was not a giant is also incorrect. Mayadenawa was a descendant of a powerful giant named Daitya, so therefore we might conclude that he too was a giant.

4.) Jason asserts that the legend of Quezalcoatl does not extend back to the time of Odysseus.

The earliest representation of Quetzalcoatl dates to c.1200-900 BCE and is found in the Juxtlahuaca cave, which is located 80 kilometres from the Pacific Coast. It might therefore be reasoned that this image was inspired from an oral tradition which began from the time of Odysseus.

5.) Jason states that the legend of ‘giant’ Caucasians coming ashore at Puerto Viejo in Peru can be disproved because the bones purported to be those of the giants turned out to be “paleomegafauna remains - mammoths, mastodons etc. In other words, the story of the giants is a post hoc explanation for big bones, likely under influence from Christian missionaries.”

In a previous post Jason claimed:

“Charlemagne of medieval myth was based on a real man, but the eight-foot world-conquering giant of romance was hardly the same as the real emperor. At some point in the process of mythologizing a figure, history gives way to pure fantasy”.

Surely this same analogy can apply to the ancient legend of giants coming ashore in Peru. The original reports of physically well-developed rowers landing in Peru have obviously been embellished into the Legend of Giants. One also questions why Christian missionaries would perpetuate the legend of giant "white” sodomites who raped and pillaged their way across the countryside.

6.) Jason scoffs at the possibility that Odysseus’ encounter with the Underworld occurred in Peru.

Fellow author and engineer, Enrico Mattievich, concurs with my view that the episode of Odysseus’ entrance into Hades was enacted in Peru. Being a Peruvian citizen of Portuguese extraction, Mattiviech has a first-hand view of the proposed Hades Odysseus visited. His book Journey to the Mythological Inferno was awarded the International Book Award for History Book of the Year in 2010.

7.) Jason denied that Taino belief incorporated a ‘tree of life’.

The Taino did in fact have a ‘tree of life’ concept that was associated with the ceiba tree.

8.) Jason writes, “the Mycenaeans did not use circular shields. They were oval
and indented, figure-eight, or rectangular.”

Jason is clearly incorrect. Certain Mycenaeans did fight with ‘round’ shields.

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