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Hi Paul

I'm always interested when the subject of 'Orion' comes up. I suppose that it's my pet constellation because, earlier in life, I had a number of mystical experiences that left me concluding that I was being directed to focus on Orion.

All of this occurred long before I learned of Orion's relevance to the ancients, and I've never understood why I might have been directed to note Orion, if my interpretation is correct.

Given what I had learned from those personal experiences, I was quite stunned to find out that The Ancients were similarly obsessed with The Big O in their own way. And for this reason I wonder your opinion on the following...

Do you see this Stonehenge 'Orion' code as being purely derived from mundane considerations. based wholly on those Ancients' studies of the stars? Or, do you think they were directed to focus there as part of some ET or otherworldly agenda whereby it was decided, for whatever reason, that certain constellations, like Orion, were to be played up via some sort of global plan?

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