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shiningfromwithin wrote:

> hi carol,
> please consider this perspective. i'm certain that thomas will
> concur.
> objects give us the illusion of sameness from moment to moment,
> however, in fact, they are in a perpetual state of change.
> nothing is actually static- everything is always on its way to
> becoming something else. A seed becomes a seedling, to a tree,
> to decompose back to the soil. So is it a seed or is it soil?
> It’s neither and it’s both.
> point: It is in a particular state at the particular time that
> it is being observed.
> another way to think about this idea of 'relativity in
> perspective', is: pretend you're an ant. it's easy to walk
> under a house door. go smaller, and you could float through the
> atomic structure of the door itself. now pretend you're a
> giant. try to get in the same house. what if you were a being
> as big as a galaxy? what would be microscopic to you then, at
> that scale?
> think about how the life-span of a human also comes into play
> here. if you lived for 800 years, you might be able to see dirt
> become compressed into a stone and then fall apart back into
> dirt again, etc... what's the 'real' nature of the material
> then?
> from reading your posts i know that you have a fine scientific
> mind, but in all respect, you could use some 'intuitive'
> thinking exercises. intuitive knowing is where this kind of
> stuff resides. its not all about raw thinking. the ancients
> didn't just power-think their way through things with sheer
> academic muscle. shamanism (intuition, dreams, altered
> consciousness) proves this, with their abilities to know about
> atomism and other 'unseeable with eyes' modern-science
> 'facts'...
> hope this helps your understanding of thomas' point.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your interesting post! I see the points you're making OK, but I'm still left wondering what the point of all this discussion about things being an 'illusion' is. Why does it matter? The day-to-day world we live in is solid as far as it concerns our daily activities, (even though we know it isn't, on a microscopic or quantum level), and we can live a whole lifetime without worrying about its illusory nature.

Why do you think some people expend so much time and energy contemplating it, writing about it, meditating on it? Is there any advantage to knowing the world is illusory?


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