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I have read some of your posts with interest. Like many others here, I've been a member of the GHMB for years and although, yes, one gets to know the points of view of others, a different angle or aspect is always showing up, creating further thinking.

However, the views you seem to hold are, to me, those of a fantasy world and, having had an aortic valve replacement five weeks ago, I know which scientific knowledge I'd rather rely on, and imagine you, too, if faced with a similar medical condition, would not be attempting to find some mystical ancient knowledge, but would rely on the latest techniques.

I have also been a poster for many years on the JREFwhere, as you may know, there is a predominant scepticism. These views are, however, always backed up by evidence. Have you read it at all? Would you consider posting your views there, if you are convinced that the views yu have expressed are better and contain the truth of things?


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