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By what I have read for this month, I see alot of set thoughts and ways that keep us locked up in our old patterns. (This is my point of view).
Do we want change? Do we want our daily lifestyles to change into hard and struggling ways? When one looses everything they have, they have no choice but to adapt and learn new ways to survive. We are all afraid to go down the rabbit hole. Are we willing to take a leap of faith to believe something, so out of the ordinary and away from our norm, that we are willing to sacrifice the ideals of others, to say they are all wrong and we are right? Where do we draw the line?

Whether this can be accepted by everyone or not, our opinions and thoughts are shared on this forum for all of us to see and understand where we all stand and what we believe as individuals. What we take from it is up to us. Alot of questions were asked this month and alot of great points. I commend you all.

Myself have always believed that I am no ones judge and welcome all comments. For me to say they are good or bad, it is not my place or any others to make that decision. This months author has been willing to give us his thoughts and feelings of what he interprets to himself and how he feels. Whether we want to accept that or not, it doesn't matter.

Another great and informative month. Many thoughts and points to think about.

Thank you for sharing

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