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MichaelTellinger wrote:

> What do we do with all the research and information?
> There are millions of people around the world questioning our
> origins, vanished civilisations, the meaning of life and many
> other fascinating aspects of our reality and physical presence
> on this planet. Furthermore, there are thousands who have gone
> that little bit further and written countless books about on
> these subjects. From the scientific, esoteric, spiritual, to
> the metaphysical. But what good is all this knowledge and
> information if we cannot use it or apply it for the benefit of
> the human race, and to plan a peaceful and abundant future for
> humanity and our planet.
> If we cannot use all this accumulated information for our
> benefit, it is all completely useless and we may as well stop
> searching and questioning the unknown. Because at this stage
> there are very clear indicators that all our accumulated
> knowledge is not being used to aid humanity, but in fact is
> being used against us.
> The more I look into the mysteries of our past and learn about
> the technology that the ancients used, more obsessed I become
> with applying this knowledge for the benefit of humanity. This
> is why my focus is slowly changing from vanished civilisations
> and the mysterious past, to the future of humanity – and this
> is why I have spent the past 8 years since 2005, compiling this
> philosophy I call Contributionism.
> Every social structure we have had as a species has failed us.
> We have been repeating the same mistakes for thousands of
> years, like a species under some hypnotic control destined for
> self destruction. We have to find a different way forward –
> something so different and so radical that has never been tried
> before. But this will require a dramatic shift in human
> collective consciousness, Because we cannot solve our current
> problems from the same level of consciousness that created the
> problems.
> It is very clear that unless we change our way, we will not
> have a pleasant time on this planet during the next several
> decades.

When has humanity ever had a "pleasant time" on this planet? That's not what I'm here for. And yes, we are enslaved--by the mind. If I go beyond mind I'll be free and have accomplished the purpose of my birth.

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