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What do we do with all the research and information?
There are millions of people around the world questioning our origins, vanished civilisations, the meaning of life and many other fascinating aspects of our reality and physical presence on this planet. Furthermore, there are thousands who have gone that little bit further and written countless books about on these subjects. From the scientific, esoteric, spiritual, to the metaphysical. But what good is all this knowledge and information if we cannot use it or apply it for the benefit of the human race, and to plan a peaceful and abundant future for humanity and our planet.

If we cannot use all this accumulated information for our benefit, it is all completely useless and we may as well stop searching and questioning the unknown. Because at this stage there are very clear indicators that all our accumulated knowledge is not being used to aid humanity, but in fact is being used against us.

The more I look into the mysteries of our past and learn about the technology that the ancients used, more obsessed I become with applying this knowledge for the benefit of humanity. This is why my focus is slowly changing from vanished civilisations and the mysterious past, to the future of humanity – and this is why I have spent the past 8 years since 2005, compiling this philosophy I call Contributionism.

Every social structure we have had as a species has failed us. We have been repeating the same mistakes for thousands of years, like a species under some hypnotic control destined for self destruction. We have to find a different way forward – something so different and so radical that has never been tried before. But this will require a dramatic shift in human collective consciousness, Because we cannot solve our current problems from the same level of consciousness that created the problems.

It is very clear that unless we change our way, we will not have a pleasant time on this planet during the next several decades. I therefore urge everyone to start looking to the future and stop harping on the misery and the past with too much emphasis. Let us start projecting a beautiful united future for humanity – on a planet of abundance for all. Learning the secrets of the ancients and applying them for the benefit of humanity. We are enslaved in more ways that we can imagine – and it is up to us to free ourselves from this enslavement. Nobody will do it for us.

I will be presenting my latest research into New and Free energy at the BEM Conference in Boulder Colorado, 10 -12 Oct 2013. There is a great deal we can learn from the vanished civilisations and the clues they left behind regarding the sources of their energy. I will show and demonstrate how they used sound as a source of energy, and show some of the tools they used to do so. We have more than 10 million free energy devices scattered around southern Africa. We have found the free energy devices. All we need to do is figure out how to use them.

I will also cover UBUNTU & Contributionism – moving from a money-driven society to a united global communities driven by people, their talents and passion for life – creating abundance for all, without the need for money in any way. So, I urge all of you on this forum and everyone else to look at the future – look at the simple principles of UBUNTU Contributionism – and if it resonates with you – share it with everyone. To free ourselves, we have to discard the tools of enslavement. And money, is the primary tool of our enslavement.

Love & light & unity
Michael of the family tellinger.

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