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I have long suspected that this might have had something to do with the selection of certain ancient sites, but having no background in neurobiology, I could not make a positive correlation. This first occurred to me back when I was researching the meteorite shrines scattered around Texas. Since the original impacts had been well before it was thought the areas had been populated, it did not seem that it was a matter of collective memory, though as the dates of human presence keep getting further back, it is possible that that may have been a factor in at least some cases. An impact crater near Faiyum Oasis shows habitation back to Neanderthal times but whether that was due to the availability of water or the impact event is a matter of speculation. Water was not that scarce back then but all these old camps were perforce near a convenient source.

That little navigational instrument in our noses, a speck of metal, no doubt had some effect upon the prehistoric colonizers, especially in locations, such as ours, that have high concentrations of magnetic iron ore. Extremely old igneous formations such as the batholiths like Enchanted Rock near Fredricksburg, Texas probably contain some of the radioactive minerals found at Barringer Hill. This may or may not have a bearing on the "ghost lights" observed since the mid-19th century there and at another formation near Marathon, Texas. Tectonic movement in quartz bearing formations near Abilene, Texas and Milburn, Oklahoma has been demonstrated in lab experiments to produce these "ghost lights" as well. A combination of these factors led me to start thinking that geology had something to do with cultural associations and selection of these locations.

Aine wrote:

> MGrant wrote:
> > An excellent considered reply as usual, Mr Campell. But do
> you
> > think its possible that my interior sense were tweaked to
> > invite this association? Let me be perfectly clear, the
> > feeling was very palpable and totally real. The timing was
> > auspicious I think. But then again, maybe the magnetic effect
> > wore off? Can you see 'magnetism' causing a highly specific
> > localized sensation that would be limited to my left hand and
> > arm?
> Some people are sensitive to magnetic fields, Mark, just as
> many animals navigate by them. It's called magnetoception even
> though they don't have any idea why a magnetic field produces
> those effects.

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