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Yes, Don. Your take is anything but science fiction. I urge you to honor your intuition -- which is unerringly accurate until the intellect rears its arrogant head and confuses true knowing, or what the Greeks called gnosis.

Esoteric lore indicates that advanced life continued on Mars until about 15,000 or so years ago. That's when the fatal asteroidal impact occurred. You can still see the impact basin on topo maps from space telescopes.

At that time, Mars was in an orbital position that made it visible to Earthly people at darker hours. And they watched with horror as it was nearly destroyed by a massive fragment of the exploded planet between Mars and Jupiter. From our Earthly viewpoint, the impact occurred between the horns of Taurus.

The tragic catastrophe on Mars was witnessed as occurring before the greatest chaos on Earth. But a key unanswered question is: Precisely how long was the interval between the 5th planet's (Tiamet’s) demise and Mars’ partial destruction?

This is why I am cautious about dates. We do know from the hidden teachings of Pythagoras that Earthly catastrophes in the 'great cosmic train wreck' happened about 13,5000 years ago. Hence, chaos on Mars must have preceded that point.

Esoteric lore conveys that a fragment of an exploded supernova meandered through our solar system on its way toward a destabilizing impact with our Sun. The bright, heavy, high-speed supernova chunk first traveled into the outer reaches of our Sun’s gravitational field.

The supernova fragment was pulled toward an inevitable collision at the center. As the mass-rich, awesome fireball approached planets of our solar system, its great gravity tugged at the heavenly bodies it passed. Its mass attracted, deranged, and even destroyed some of them.

That bright, fiery object was the second sun that Dr. Robert Schoch's last book described as having been etched in various 'pre-historic' places by eye-witnesses.


Dr. Lew Graham

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