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Aloha Don,

I have just scanned Dr. Rita's Man-Made, and she does cover the topic.

My books also cover the topic in a fusion of hard science with esoteric lore and the fruits of personal research. This includes the story of 'Leonardo', whom I knew for three decades. And he genuinely seemed to be a Martian soul incarnated into a human body.

In my research, when some of those souls have incarnated as humans, they say that they sometimes see other former Martians in Earth bodies. They report recognizing each other by a distinctly whitish glow. They call this a telltale sign that such Martian spirits in human bodies know well. And when they do encounter others like themselves, they signal subtly like members of a secret fraternity. They can speak volumes telepathically along with a knowing look or a smile.

'Leonardo' claimed to have vivid memories of what once was on Mars and what was lost. He also described the various brilliant colors of many varieties of green plant life on a wet 4th planet. But he insisted that he had never been able to locate any shades of green on Earth to depict the vibrancy of Mars’ plants.

The different plants colors that "Leonardo" remembered were likely due to variations in terrestrial versus Martian chemistry. And, perhaps, there also were anatomical differences in eyesight organs that allowed broader light spectrum perception.

Further, 'Leonardo' could visualize the strange appearance of what one might call ‘cities’, whose odd, organic-looking shapes were “beautiful beyond words”—to the point that we might even fail to recognize them as population centers. Plus, he also could recall quite clearly a bluish to indigo sky — not a reddish-hued one.

Mars is smaller than Earth. And before the great Martian catastrophes that esoteric lore pegs as occurring less than 15,000 years ago, the 4th planet was fertile with abundant plant life rather than blowing sand. The moist planet teemed with living species and flowing water.

Telltale evidence of flowing water in the past can be seen in many places on the battered planet. New instruments have brought data that have detected it nearly everywhere. But, today, most of the remaining liquid is trapped as ice.

The rest evaporated after the planet was smashed by an asteroid from the destroyed planet that used to circle in the gap between Mars and Jupiter. We call the residue of dust, dirt, rocks, and damaged moons by a familiar name: The Asteroid Belt. But it only contains about 3% of the mass of what once was there.

By the way, esoteric lore affirms Dr. Rita's reference to underground facilities. I have no idea whether any survived the planetary cataclysm that stripped off half the Martian crust.

The catastrophe’s aftermath left two small moons, Phobos and Deimos, circling close to the Red Planet. Both are oddly shaped, and neither object is a round sphere. The larger one, Phobos, has been found to be little more than a pile of rubble. It is falling toward Mars by two meters per year and heading toward crashing onto the surface about 50 million years in the future.

Many scientists say that these unusual bodies appear to be more recently captured by local gravity. And that the strange ‘moons’ may be asteroids or pieces of Martian crust that were blasted into space after "a giant object" collided with the 4th planet.


Dr. Lew Graham

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