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Seven years later. Allow me to amend my nomination to include Gregg Braden. My sister introduced me to Braden's work about two years ago. At first I had some reservations wondering if he were not just the latest alternative media sensation. But as I dutifully watched each link my sister emailed me, I became convinced there was substance supporting the sensation and not merely unconscious confirmation bias. As a credentialed geologist Gregg immediately gave off Terence McKenna vibes. And I still hold McKenna to be entheogenic research's deepest thinker and most eloquent spokesman. That he was a fun personality did not detract from the seriousness of what he had to say. At least not for me.

That is not to diminish in any way, Wasson, Allegro or Strassman's contributions. In his efforts to bridge the perceived disconnect between science and spirituality Braden has ranged far afield encompassing genetics, archaeology, ancient history, shamanistic practice, mythology, astrophysics and even philosophy. I found his observations well documented and grounded in current mainstream parallel studies. Along the way I saw a lot of old familiar faces such as Graham Hancock and Robert Schoch (that geology connection again) whom mainstream science is slowly beginning to realize may have been right all along. No surprise to many of us old timers here but that feeling of vindication is so warm and fuzzy that there's no room for gloating.

I recently had an opportunity to personally thank a German anthropologist whose work in North Africa had brought about a shift in the Old Paradigm I'd abandoned hope of seeing in my lifetime. She is far from alone as a host of others around the globe are making our collective dreams come true. That expansive felt gratitude alone I feel raises us all to a higher state of consciousness.

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