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brucenyc1 wrote:

> Hey Guy --I am a live sound engineer here in NYC , also a
> musician . There iis now and always has been a thriving burst
> of creativity--new bands, ideas, sounds etc . But this is not
> what usually gets picked up ,or goes mainstream , and so falls
> under the radar .

Good to hear from you - and I've played and do play some of NY's finest up'n coming sounds, and I more than agree with you that NY is certainly thriving musically :) - It's all that energy!

> Kids today are as funky, creative, outrageous and innovative as
> ever but it's the adults that control the marketplace .If
> things have been dumbed down it stems from a lowest common
> demominator --profit. People in the biz for the most part are
> not concerned with artistic merit, they are in the buisiness of
> making money .

Yes - as I said , the energy's still there - and the profiteers are in fact no different to those of 30 years ago - it's just the media used these days that allows those in control of the "Profit Turntables" a much tighter reign.

> Who puts out the celeb gossip and quik -fix media ? Kids are
> pretty much force fed junk, and then some will declare all
> that comes out of them is junk .

Well, yes and no, imho :) I certainly don't think that all that comes out of kids is junk - but I'm referring to the difference between a maninstream audience craving for more Rod Stewart or more Bread or more Yes or Genesis or more Jeff Airplane etc . as opposed to these days just more dirge, more dark sad or, sometimes, regurgitated stuff.

> The kids are allright --to quote Townshend .It's the next
> generations up that need a talkin too ., imo .

I wouldn't disagree with that - and those once-removed genenerations are what some folks call "Thatcher's Children" - spawned in the new dark age of selfishness and lack of care for others.

If you like, wander thru some of the podcasts of my shows, where I try to play musical[/] music - what I call "Music Without Borders" - I don't care if it was created in 1965 or yesterday! If it's truly good, - it'll sound good - and always sound good.

All best



Post Edited (20-Apr-12 09:16)

What is now proved was once only imagin'd
- William Blake (And he wasn't born yesterday, either ..... )

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