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I'm not surprised, sadly, - as today's generation are focussed on the Now and the real-time instant buzz of both celeb gossip in the media and the interactions young folks get on social media with each other - thanks to current technology. The energy's still there - just like it always was, but it's far more redirected into instant here and now, instead of being spread around the broader spectrum of books, art and cultural orgins /historic awareness of previous generations.

And reading this thread I certainly chime with the sentiments about music - popular music, that is - seeming so shallow these days in general. And also I notice how popular songs these days seem so downright "Dirgy", compared to the music of 30 years ago or so - nowadays so sad, mournful and disheartening. That seems to tell me that many of today's generation are feeling sad, lost and have a sense of hopelessness.

Yes, this is a generalisation, I know, but I produce a radio show every week of music and UK news for New Zealand - and it's so hard to find contemporary songs that aren't sad and dirgy, or aren't just slick, soulless covers. We seem, musically at least, to be moving from analogue and 3 dimesional creativity to digital, 2 dimensional and quick-fix expressionalism; not just in music of course, but with interactions also.

BTW, I heard one pundit on a radio discusion describe social media as "Deferred interaction, or deferred communication".
- Food for thought.

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What is now proved was once only imagin'd
- William Blake (And he wasn't born yesterday, either ..... )

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