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Sirfiroth wrote:

> 2. I do not believe it is possible to state how the 4th dynasty
> Egyptians would have achieved it because there are no written
> records from the 4th dynasty speculation is o.k., actually
> speculation is all that we have.

That is what I used in the first post.

The AE method of area was subtract 1/9 and make the diameter the side length of a square and find area.

I just added 1/9th to diameter and set it as the diagonal and multiply by the sqrt of 2 inherent in the diagonal then doubled it since two halfs of square.

The two main lines in a square are the side and diagonal.
They subtracted 1/9th so I decided to add 1/9th.

Circumference is what it got me.

Ex. diameter of 9(papyrus ex.).
9 - 1/9 = 8
8 * 8 = 64 area
Actual = 63.617.......

9 + 1/9 = 10
10 * sqrt2 * 2= 28.28427...
Actual = 28.27433...

So diameter as side = area
diameter as diagonal = circumference.

Not claiming they used it but jsut that I used what they used and expanded to the next logical thing to attempt for both the square and circle in the relationship the AE created in their maths.


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