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here is what we did:

1. first our son alex took the day off as well, in support of his brother. I called in to school in the morning and told them Alex would be standing by his brother today and would not be in school. the receptionist asked if he were sick. "Oh no he is quite well . . ."

2. we all went to San Francisco [1.5 hours from Sacrramento]. I had court down there, so they got to watch dad battle a group of five lawyers [I won today's hearing so it was a good day]

3. we talked about the issue during our drive to court.

4. after court, which was quite lively, we had to go meet another new client, an engineer, and guess what he had some super computers in his office. [super by my standards anyway] he let them play games on them while I looked at case documents.

5. We stopped by Guitar Center SF and they played on guitars that they could never afford in a million years. Les Paul Traditional [well maybe some day . . .]

They are actually getting pretty good at guitars.

6. lunch at burger king, whoppers, fries and soda for all. [obviously mom wasn't around she would never in a million years let them eat such junk]

7. we then went back to Sacramento in time for guitar lessons.

8. Then home to feed the dogs.

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