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Probably a moderator will not agree with this video unless is presented on Mature & Responsable, but if your kid did something like this, well, he knows the meaning of "be water my friend":[www.youtube.com]

Now let's get serious. You are gonna lose.


There was a tragic case in my city(Craiova) in my former "Tudor Arghezi" highschool, about 2 months ago, a straight A student was stabbed twice in the heart(50 yards outside school) and died near(10 yards) by a former student of this education institution, brother of a 1 year younger colleague.

The criminal-Romel Voicu, nicknamed "Danezu"(the Danish)-is 19 years old and was moved a year before the incident at his own request to another highschool from a close town (technical school, "Tudor Arghezi" is a "theory" one) for bad conduct and poor intelectual results. The dead kid, Andrei Goreci-17 years old, because his great achievements, had participated at a program in colaboration with local penitenciary authority called "One day in prison" in which he visited the local prison and talked with the inmates and share his experience with the entire highscool.

He and a colleague were near the school (in the above picture you can see the walls), when the criminal and his younger brother started to ask the colleague what is "his beef". An altercation started, the victim tried to calm them but he got stabbed because "it was not his bussines/his fight". When captured, the killer said "This is it. 10 years for an idiot". In 2000, a girl, student at an even more prestigious highschool was killed with...31 knife stabs by a local friend from a near town(Craiova is the 300 000 citizens municipal center for the 700 000 citizen county of Dolj and Oltenia region in SW Romania, therefore is a top 5 cities with a huge University and industry). The murderer got life but at appeal, his punishment was reduced to 25 years.

2 days before the stabbing, at the same highschool, the Gendarmerie was involved in lectures on the juvenile delinquency subjects: "Be fair-play on the stadium" and "Don't abuse your health". Right after the news was made public at national level by the media, just in a few minutes after the death, the Minister of Administration and Internal Affairs arrived all the way from capital-Bucharest(about 200 kilometers west) because this a very rare case. Police arrested the suspect in 2 hours, enough time for him to post a picture with his bloody jacket on...hi5, with the subtitle"after the...accident, i have more lives than the cat".

Under his image at his Facebook account it is written "Fraieri se intreaba dc"="The suckers are asking why" [www.facebook.com] He had misspelled the word "fraieri" (suckers) and has other similar more or less intentional mistakes. He forgot an "i" at the end.

Doesn't matter how good you are or you can resolve the situation with calm. In a country like mine where firearms are prohibited, these situations are rare but innevitable. In USA, i don't even what to think about it...

Your kid and the other one were lucky. Stupid accidents like hitting your head to the pavements from a fist in the face and so on are just around the corner.


God is the only Simpsons character to have 5 fingers on each hand.

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