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Diomede wrote:

> Recently and through no provocation at all on my part, this
> particular cat of mine has demonstrated or "shown" its
> affections (if I can call it that), by purring profusely,
> licking my face (and even my lips of occasion), just prior to
> my waking up some mornings.

Cats are individuals, they don't all behave in exactly the same way and yes that is normal behavior for some cats. I used to get awakened by what I called the sandpaper massage. It was her way of greeting me and saying, get up bub, I'm hungry.

> Yuk!
> Of recent times, the same apparent "affectionate" advance has
> happened quite repeatedly.
> Surely, this is not normal cat behaviour is it?...but be that
> as it may...why me? :-)
> Dogs I can understand, but cats...I am definitely not sure.
> BTW, despite many kind approaches etc, the cat (which I do
> actually call "Pussy-cat"), still hates my brother intensely
> and for no apparent reason at all (despite my brother being a
> noted kind man to "all and sundry", particularly animals)

It could be anything, the timbre or pitch of his voice, his size, gait, any number of things. Something in him is triggering the cat's fear response.
> The Vet suggested to give the animal six-months or so to
> "adjust", but nearly five months have passed already and if
> anything, things have got worse (at least with respect to my
> brother).
> I am perfectly willing to keep the cat a while longer, but if
> the unacceptable situation persists (my brother has also been
> nastily "hissed-at" and scratched several times by attempts to
> stroke her), then I feel the animal must be returned to the
> 'Animal Sanctuary' from which it was originally acquired.

> What do you think?

He should leave the cat alone until it's ready to accept him. It may never happen, but generally cats get used to and bond with frequent visitors. I will say though that cats aren't good pets for control freaks, so if you have an authoritarian bent ... On the other hand if you return the cat you'll be adding additional trauma to its life and possibly ending it prematurely.


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