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Thanks for your poem - have you read Lewis Carroll, or Robert Browning, per chance?

Every concept can be envisaged to have its dark side, be it the Will O' The Wisp, or Gnomes or Goblins - or one's own imagination....the biggest frightener of all, for many. My father went for a walk one night, deep into the wild and mysterious Scottish Highlands, and it grew into dusk on his way home. As he walked along a sunken pathway a horribe hand appeared before him in the gloom! Scared stiff he ran around its grasp and didn't stop till he reached home. In the morning he retraced his tracks back along that pathway - only to find that the hand was still there, sticking out of the bank aside the path. But it was just a gnarled tree root sticking out from the bank.

Then there's the thing in the closet, or the figure looming over one in one's half-sleep, or the tales of the Bogey Man told to little innocents to scare them into silence or submission, or numerous other tales of old.... legends to try to explain the inexplicable.

- And please do read on, Wendy, for I have some wisdom for you .......

....Now the Maori people of New Zealand have their own legends, of how New Zealand was created; sacredstories of their ancestors and warring heroes and gods, whose actions, adventures and deeds created the North and the South islands. These legends are borne out of the awe of the majestic fury and power of the volcanoes and the earth quakes and the breathless beauty of the mountains, coastlines and islands etc. And very beautiful and stirring legends they are, for sure - a truly unique and precious legacy and Heritage for these noble people, who were as great seafaring explorers as were the empire-building British, in their day.

Then, after the 19th century, and with the influx of Western Mankind to these islands, came the geologists, scientists and naturalists, with their studies, research and conclusions, the science of geology and vulcanism etc. - thus at last explaining what was hitherto unexplicable.

But, there is no subsequent attempt therein or thereafter to mingle or equate the science with those legends - which is how it should be - no more than can oil mix with water - It' as simple as that, if you would only see that, with all due respect. :)

(But I liked your poem, and thank you again for sharing it, btw).

What is now proved was once only imagin'd
- William Blake (And he wasn't born yesterday, either ..... )

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