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Thanks Deep

3 verses: 1st verse - The lightning briefly, vividly lighting up the night in a brilliant instant, with the "Treason" being the unleashed power of uncontrollable lightning strike electricity dancing around overhead pylons in wild abandonment as it shorts them out!

2nd verse - My windows actually rattled during a thunder clap right overhead, and the sound made me wonder if the windows might crack - and I heard a car tear noisily past in the street at same time, whilst I imagined the driver being chased by some wild spectral character furiously tearing after him in his coach and horses - and there was a spooky old churchyard nearby that had very high trees with spring time rook nests in them. There's a pathway right through the centre of the churchyard, with the graves and Victorian tombstones on raised sloping ground either side of the path - inspiring me to write of "the belly of the churchyard", whilst I imagined the terror of the young fledglings in their ness as each horrendous roll of of thunder rumbled round and round this scene.

3rd verse - After the thunder moved on, then there was the sound of increasingly heavy rain, the healing rain that almost always follows the anger of a violent thunderstorm in the UK. I was writing the poem whilst sitting by the fireplace, and I noticed some rainwater actually trickle down inside the this fireplace from the chimney abovea. Somehow it came to me there and then that that rain was the Earth's tears; the sadness after so much anger.



What is now proved was once only imagin'd
- William Blake (And he wasn't born yesterday, either ..... )

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