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Sad to say, I don't really leave the house that much - since I work from home.
- but that is not to say that I don't :-)

I do my daily jail-house-workout* at home to keep fit and go for walks with a couple of my friends ones a week.

In 2001-2004 I lived in Iceland where I walked every day* to/from work for 1 hour through nature, it was the best way to start/finish the day (of course some days the bus came in handy when the weather was acting up).

...but since I moved back to the Netherlands, I've been stuck at home ...sad... since my small-city is surrounded by nature.

- however, I'm moving to the UK in 2 weeks - so I'm hoping to start some outside activity to try and work out my nuttiness before the shell starts to crack! ...new places also bring with them the need to go and explore ...I hope that will get me out more ...to begin with :)



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