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Hi August and all,
I wore a Holter Monitor several times, as a result of 2-out-of-6 of my heart attacks.
I sneeze about 12 times each day, average. Caused by TIAs which are mini-muscle-spasms in my nose.

No indications of any irregularities in heart beat showed up on the monitor. Only a "random-flutter" which I can feel when it happens.

The Cardio-Docs say it is also caused by TIAs which began in the late 80s but 'big-ones' knocked me to my knees 4 times in '92 and again in '96.

I still sneeze about the same and the flutter is still there but otherwise,
all is well,,, so far.

Cholesterol-free diet seems to be working...

Sure glad beer is cholesterol free ;-)


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