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Hi everyone,

I feel that I need to clarify a few things over here just to put some things in order. It will be good for me to do that because I do not like to let things confuse.

I have been postings about my psychiatric problems in here and most people understood and even share their own problems, wich helped a lot. It felt like a talk group, it was great.

Others who does not have these problems, understood and tried to help in everything they could saying and doying nice thinks, wich help me and the others beatifully.

Unfortunatelly, there were a group of people who are very intelligent and bright but have no understanding at all about psychiatric problems but they really think they have and act very judgemental and even push me away. I forgive them. They does not know what they are doing. They thing they are true doctors in the subject just because they studied or read things.

I know myself and that I am not crazy and that's enough for me, but when the respect ends I have to do something, because I deserve respect.

I will clarify some things said so people can know .

I done a lot of exams and tests. All kinds of psychiatric diseases were covered to initiate the treatment with my psychiatrist.

The diagnostic is I have depression, obsessive behavior and eating disorder due to anxiety. It pass through my doctor that I could have bipolar disorder of one of the several types that exists. He thought ABD (affection bipolar disorder) due to the problems I had with my father in childhood. The elders in this MB remember my testimony and were great to me.

But my doctor realized that it is not a bipolar type because the ups and downs does not match exactly with bipolar disorders behaviors. So he is paying attention and the behaviors and said that looks like the anxiety behaviors might got mixxed with the bipolar symptoms.

He is the best doctor of the state. I have a session with him yesterday fryday, 9 . He is reducing my medication for a few weeks now. I am with a maintence dosage. Just to see how things go. Many people read about my ordeal with medication and had be given me very usefull hints and tips. Meditation is one of them. All things seem to be in their oplace and meditation it's getting easier every day because I do not gave up. The effects are showing now. I believe there is more to achieve, lots more.

SO I ask him a diagnostic for me to know what I have now.

Fryday, 9 , november he said: "You are taking the medication in low dosage now and if the reaction stays good I will take you off medication. You are in maintene stage. Only for precaution. You are not presenting depression, obsessive behaviors and eating disorders. You DO NOT have bipolar, you had A anxiety crisis for seing your father on his birthday and father's day.The progress was amazing in the last month and I believe you are alright now. You got back to your law practice, do it slowly, you are exercizing every day and slleping well. Now we are going to a precaution fase just of observation and then you are off medication. "

He also said that talking to you were a great decisive point of towards to my fight.In this Mb I met incredible people whom helped a lot and were on my side all the time. They really know who they are. I love you for that.

I am being treated for 2 years now, and work all the issues about my father in therapy. Have no issues about him anymore. I forgave him.

I believe this ordeal it's to reach the end.

A little time ago I was terrible and some events with people in my life who I belived to be great made got worse, but I got over it.

I know my doctor , the treatment and the medication were part of the good moment I am now. But deep inside I know that my true healers were you in the MB who keep me on going on, to fight, talked with me, gie me love and care. You who did that know who they are. I hope we meet someday. I own you the return of happiness and my life. My husband is planning a lot of trips to celebrate to recover the time of my life I lost sick. I am thinking Egypt or Mexico.

For those who treated me bad and do not understood I feel sorry for you but I forgive you because you do not know what you did and I believe you think you are to bright to understand a human being passing through a hard time.

I love you all.

Thank you for the moderator team who always left me give my testimony. You are being a very good moderator saquad.

My best wishes for all,

Cintia Spinelli Panizza

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