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Shut off your TV and computer, buy a fishing pole if you don't have one, and invest your time in your wife, kids, and grandkids if you have them.

I can speak with authority now having just gone a month without seeing a TV or computer, or having read a newspaper, except for the TV over a few bars with the sound off and reading the headlines in the newspaper dispensers as I'd walk past them, virtually nothing changes except for minor details, like the location of the latest bombings, even a couple threads I clicked on in the politics section are virtually the same old same old as I left with the same things being said by the same few prolific writers who must be getting a paycheck from someone for their time and contributions to this site.

My daughter even mentioned that she loved one of the pictures someone took of me because I looked so happy in it.

Even though my focus was on determining the character of Americans, I highly recommend to everyone to take a vacation from it all, even if you don't go any farther than your back porch with a beer and some peanuts. I spent at least a little time sitting in my daughters back yard listening to the kids playing and laughing in the playground behind her house and listening to the birds talking to each other. And I couldn't help thinking that some of those birds were having far more intelligent and worthwhile conversations than some we humans have.

And when you talk to people, put yourself in a listening mode and show interest in what they are interested in and want to talk about, it not only makes them feel good that someone shows interest in them, its good for your brain and mental well being.

Even though my kids are 24 and 27 I took up watching little league baseball games whenever I come across one, not only are they just as fun and interesting as any major league game, there's no drunk sitting next to you that you have to put up with, parking is a breeze, and you can't beat the ticket prices unless you have something against free.

When there is something as I just suggested that is so good for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being as those things are, how can you refuse them to yourself?

Consider all applications for vacation time STAMPED APPROVED by Gengus Khan himself.

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