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I’m back, after about 4400 miles (and more expenses than I could afford), and I’d like to express my appreciation for the well wishes. The trip was without incident concerning safety, the bike performed beautifully and there were not even any close calls, which I am also appreciative for. I do not expect to ever know in this lifetime who/what is responsible for assigning guardian angels but I commend who/what ever gave me mine.

I like the “life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely” motto, although I have never been much of a screamer so they’ll have to accept my arrival with just a big smile. I’m sure my bike will be about thoroughly used up and worn out at that time also so my descendents will just have to keep it around for nostalgic reasons and buy their own for riding.

To Citizen, I believe I have found a reasonable representation of America but it will take me a bit of time to organize my notes and thoughts, and unfortunately I also have to figure out how to work the (insert a profanity here) web site so I can present them, but I am afraid there will be many people who will not like what I have to say about what I found, but never forget that even in the darkest hour there is always hope, never give up. I have always expressed that the time to accept death is at least two weeks after it was confirmed, just in case my angel got waylaid dealing with some other charge that is just as much trouble as I am.

To Gigatron, I did actually have t-shirts made with In Search of America and my logo on them with the intention of offering them on the site but never figured out how to post them before I left, but who knows, maybe I’ll figure out how to get them up this week and enough will sell to help reimburse all the Peters I robbed to pay Paul for the trip. And I did make a few attempts to update it from the road but again my web site ignorance defeated my efforts, except for one contribution I made after having gone to speak to the Indians concerning their protest to defend Bear Butte just outside Sturgis South Dakota. I spent about three hours writing another that I wanted to post but after all that writing it was lost when I hit the post button and that was like a smack in the face.

I am hoping I can figure out how to offer a thing on the site for being notified when it is updated because I will be updating it but there will be lag times where I’ll be writing and organizing the numerous notes, thoughts, and reference items, it is times like this I wish I had been blessed with hint of Isaac Asimov’s talents in writing. I have wondered a few times what the percentages would be if his life were broken up into times his fingers were hitting a keyboard as compared to just twiddling his thumbs or any other activity.

Now I have to just overcome the depression of missing my daughter who I love dearly and just spent a month with as I used her place as a home base for excursions into various areas out west, but as they say, onward and upward so I’ll have to steel my mind and focus in the days ahead.

Thanks again to all, now I have some catching up to do.


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