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My apologies to the moderators and Mr. Hancock if I am overstepping my bounds with this post and if so I would fully understand and agree with deleting it; however I am afraid I do not have time to seek permission and wait for a reply now so I’ll post it just in case it is alright and if not they can delete it.

Sorry, and thanks.

I just wanted to let it known to those who ask to be let known that I am leaving this morning on my In Search of America Ride, which will last until my limited funds run out. My initial trip takes me from Ohio, through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, to South Dakota where I will spend time with my daughter. While in S.D. I will be making trips into Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. By then I am sure my finances will be getting slim so what happens after that is up in the air, when I have enough cash left to get home, I’ll come home, which could turn out to be only a couple weeks.

I have a journal I will be updating at least daily on my journey, and a camera, and I also acquired a web site, <www.insearchofamerica.org> however I know little or nothing about web sites and considering I just could not afford a laptop for allowing me to log in and update it from the road it is currently up in the air as to when I will be able to update it with news from the road, but it is there none the less and time will tell how it goes.

I had planned on getting myself a few t-shirts with In Search of America along with a logo I designed, which I haven’t figured out how to post on that web site yet, but out of the blue when I mentioned it to a couple people they ask for one to so I went ahead and ordered two dozen. Who knows, maybe some people I meet on the road will be interested in them which would help me finance the trip, and if enough did it could even allow me to cover more of the country. I am not planning on that though; I am not prone to holding too high of hopes.

This is a story that gave me some hope though. The last thing I needed for my motorcycle to get it ready for the trip was a new air cleaner, so I went to a local shop to buy one. During the small talk that we were having I told him about my trip and it sparked his interest right away. It seems the owner of the shop has many of the same concerns for our country and future as I do. Anyway, while he was writing my bill for the air cleaner he ask if I was taking donations after I told him I was limited by finances not time to his question of how long I’d be gone. He ask if I was taking donations and I told him I was having some shirts printed. Right away he said “ok, I’ll take a shirt and I’m buying your air filter, all I ask is you let me know how it goes.� The filter price was about $30; the shirt will be $15, which seems to me a very generous offer no matter how you look at it. So there is “some� hope, at least there is one other that is concerned, now the question of how large a number is there of others that are also concerned, and concerned enough to actually do something?

I’m out of time, I have to shower and get the bike loaded so I will not see any responses to this, assuming it is allowed to stay up. But if it is allowed (it seems like an advertisement to me which is why I have doubts), I do have an email on that web site where messages will get to me via my wife, son, and daughter, so if anyone wants to send me a nasty email please take into consideration who will be monitoring it, they are innocents, thanks.

On the road,


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