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Jergat wrote:

> I've been watching since day 1. Just haven't commented. England
> shouldn't be out right now. But Rooney red carded was enough
> for me. Then I was going for Germany. Blast them. Now I have to
> go for Portugal - they've never won and they beat the best team
> so they must be good. France shouldn't have beat Brazil. The
> Italy/Australia game was a sham.
> All in all, not a bad world cup, but I've seen better. Expect
> France to win.

I'm no expert obviously, but soccer's not rocket science. It looked to me as though France outplayed Brazil and deserved to win. Brazil was all flash, not a whole lot of effort or smarts. And this nick-name BS--I think Brazil had maybe 2 or 3 guys who listed a surname. Yeah I know it's part of their culture, but it's ridiculous. It must make the phone book interesting.

My aussie friend ex-pating in Frankfort was elated that England was out--"sends the poms back to pommy land" as she put it--and just as elated the Germans are out. Apparently too much World Cup nonsense interfering with her personal life. lol

England was atrocious in that PK shoot-out. Their goalie sucked and so did their shooters. How can you say Portugal beat the "best team"? When did England look like the best team?
The Portugal goalie, otoh, was absolutely psychic.

I loved the way the German goalie Lehman used a "pony" during the shoot-out with all the shooters tendencies listed. It paid off. That's something I would do! Why don't they all do that?

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