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Hi All,

This is such a load of c**p!

Next they'll be banning kitchen knives and scissors, just in case somebody totally irresponsible gets hold of them. People who play with any sort of weapon in the presence of children are just as likely to leave the electric garden shears or weedkiller around for them to get hold of.

My ex-husband used to run a small company that produced hand-crafted air-rifles and they mainly did business with people who liked to shoot as a skillful sport.

I used to own a sports air-pistol, as I used to belong to a shooting club.
We used to shoot at little pieces of paper stuck on a wall. My pistol was kept in it's case and stored in a safe place when I wasn't using it.

Thousands of people like to shoot at the same pieces of paper without wishing to harm anyone. It's a very serious sport and most people who participate in it, are very conscious of the safety factors involved.

Britain is really becoming such silly place with all it's political correctness and over-protection of it's inhabitants. I'm so glad that I left it!

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