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Hi Merc,

It doesn't matter who dug the hole... the fact is that no self-respecting parent should let a 3 year old child out of their sight on the beach.

I work as a resort manager on a holiday complex in Lanzarote and I know from experience that this sort of thing happens all the time.

Last week our lifeguard came into the reception with a very small toddler. She had been wandering alone right up to the edge of a 1'70m deep swimming pool. It was early evening and there was hardly anyone about. The lifeguard carried her into reception to see if any of the staff recognised her and after a few minutes took her back outside again and started walking around the pool terrace to see if anybody would claim her.

A good 10 minutes passed before the dumbo mother came wandering out of her bungalow wondering where her daughter was. In that time the toddler could have drowned 10 times over or been carried away by a child molester.

My experience of many parents on their holidays is to let their children run riot with the excuse that they're on the children are on their holidays and need to let off steam.

But really it's so the parents can sit and drink themselves silly and enjoy themselves, often at the expense of their children.

Roll on September!

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