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hi mods'n' rockers,

could you please ask the web page designer people, if it is possible to move the links <Thread view> and <collapse thread> to the top of the topic page along side <New Topic><search> etc, or even just put duplicates at the top..

reason I ask, I inadvertantly cicked <view thread> (dont ask how! I just did ok..lol) and then had to wait ages and ages, and ages and ages, to get to the bottom (..this poor computer strives in hoplessness to be a cray super computer, but fails miserably..lol) so I could click <collapse threads> to get it back to how it was, which caused this humble machine to commit hari kari by duly hanging itself a few times...3rd time lucky..and I managed to collapse the threads..info overload..lol

this may be the wrong board to post this, but this is where I got stuck, so this is where I ended up posting....

I think this would be an excellent idea..mainly cos I thought it..lol

And anyway as the page loads starting at the top..it would make sense... :)

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Feedback...for better webpage design



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