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Went to see the movie on opening night last night. I have to say I came out of the theatre a little numb and even disappointed. This was not a really tight, well structured movie. The plot lines just did not seem to come together and that gave the movie a really disjointed, unsatisfying feel.

I've had a chance to sleep on it and I am now thinking it wasn't as bad as I originally thought. I had weird dreams about the movie last night too.

The acting is superb and some of the casting was just brilliant. For fans of the series, you should find the new actors filling out old roles one fascinating aspect, especially the actors who play Livia and Junior. Unfortunately, Ray Liotta is kind of a wasted sub-note to the plot and his characters don't really work at all.

The movie is supposed to be a stand alone feature so that you don't have to have seen The Soprano's in order to follow the movie but the plot is pretty secondary to the characters so if you don't know who the young actors are supposed to be it will be confusing. Also there are a couple of running gags and reveals in the film that viewers who weren't fans of the series just won't get. Also the big takeaway at the end will be completely lost if you don't understand the back story of Dickie Moltisante, who is the real focus of the movie.

The story is narrated by Dickie's son Christopher speaking to us from hell but even that has a shallow, unnecessary feel to it that doesn't work for me.

The Newark race riots of 1967 were an interesting backdrop to the story but even here the story is never really filled out in any satisfying way. We get a glimpse of the deep-seated conflict between Italian and African Americans but there is nothing to bring the narrative to a conclusion. The characters are never really developed and the events depicted feel hollow.

Michael Gandolfini was good as young Tony but really plays a very small, subdued role in the movie. There are several scenes in the movie that just don't work with Tony's childhood exploits but that is more in the writing than in Michael's acting. There is one scene where we see the young Carmela and the girl who plays her is just amazingly close to how you could imagine a teenage Carmela would look.

All in all, I am still digesting the show but my overall rating would be a little disappointment along with some fascination at the big reveal to Dickie's fate. Fans of the series will at least get some of the backplot but if you have never seen the show, expect to be confused.

I would give it a 6.5/10 rating.

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