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Paul Smith – Young and Old

In 1921, Paul Smith was born with severe spastic Cerebral Palsy. Life presented few hopes and fewer opportunities; at age eleven, he acquired an abandoned typewriter. With one finger, and ten or eleven keys, Paul taught himself ’typewriter art’ and dedicated the next seven decades to creating images of people, places and things that captured his powerful imagination.

At age 83, Paul’s vision weakened, having developed cataracts, and he was compelled to forfeit his life-long endeavor, although he continued to play chess and cribbage. He died in the summer of 2007 at age 85.

”…Paul’s claim to fame – the achievement that has made him a source of inspiration to people in the art community and at all levels of ability – is his mastery of a common office machine as an artistic medium.”

Mona Lisa Detail

Videos: Typewriter Artist KING-TV (2004), Paul Smith -- Typewriter Artist, Typewriter Artist KOIN-TV (1976)

Images: Paul Smith Art

Sources: Paul Smith A tribute to the typewriter artist, THE TYPEWRITER ARTIST, Obituary

Dr. Troglodyte

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