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I have over the last few months,
when time permits, been watching anything,
and everything on physics, I can get my hands on.

Because there are so many sub-categories
of physics, all theoretical and hypothetical in nature,
I thought I would share a simple idea, and we, as a community,
could begin a deep and sincere conversation, on the actual nature of reality.

If you would, allow me these three videos,
and after watching them, maybe we could begin a beautiful,
and educational dialogue, that would help us all understand our actual reality, or realities.




Due to the speculative nature of
debates in the various sub-categories of physics,
and in an effort to keep the thread from being bounced
from board to board, I've decided to post this here, on Misc.

I would really love to see a discussion, amongst you, the smartest people
I know, on the true nature of our reality, in, and outside, of our abilities of perception.

Thank you, sincerely, in advance.

Brian #3

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