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The families first name destroyer in US Navy was DD 284 - Isherwood.
In 1926/27 their division served 1 year in European waters....no more roasting in Guantanamo and Panama Canal zone during Fleet Problem*

Around 2 weeks in port of Alexandria Egypt,...then a stint at Haifa

Found a few piks of DD 284 in Villifranche/Gibraltar , ....British fleet also liked to
Stay in Villifranche. ...and end up gambling in Monaco?

Photoshop fixing images is easy,....
Getting the yellow/smokey tint out is tricky....seeking a program to do that, ...and Frame
Alter digital mp4

Lots of gold under all that color.

I'll give up a research secret.....

Hollywood and US Navy = HD level photographs and film

Found some incredible coverage. ...Navy had a few Ansel Adam's level photographers.

DD 520,...the 2nd Isherwood in the USN,...they get into big trouble during early 50s
Med cruise.
Caught by police ....some kind of mob/broker event with enough cigarette cartons for a fleet carrier and the Isherwood.
A cruiser in port of Naples ( damn....gave it away )....they got caught with um,
Entertainer ladies...ya Entertainer ladies who were on the cruiser for a week...lol.

It's in the Memoirs of Admiral Backus. .....who was Isherwoods Captain at the time.

Then he goes on to the Regulus /Cruise missile nuke program.

And then there was The Murder!...

Oh ya....One of The divisions destroyers had a Murder while in port in Ireland? That's the 1926/27 tour.

Ya...big Court to do with US and Royal Navy/Crown lawyers.
Infact. ..it's Cuz they got Nifty photos that the story survives.

Have piks of camel surfing Giza ....from the mid 1920s.

And a pik of a Goat from the 1920s. ...who was transferred 6 times/six ships - Battleships.
And like 11 Officers to his tally....Fleet Champion : )

T Bird

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