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In August of 2017 President Trump signed into law the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Legislation. This bill was put before congress by a bipartisan effort of Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. What this is basically, if you have low to moderate hearing loss you will be able to purchase with out a prescription affordable over the counter hearings aids that you program and use yourself. At present one company, Bose, has FDA approval for the sale OTC hearing that are, by law, the same quality that is offered by the high end audiologist. It is highly recommended that you get your hearing tested but not necessary. You can get more information by googling OTC Hearing Aid Act. There is too much information to post here but this is a boon for millions of Americans with moderate hearing lose.
This new law pokes your finger into the eye of the hearing aid CARTEL.
Kudos to Senator Grassley and Senator Warren for actually doing something for the benefit of American citizens. Thank you President Trump for putting your signature on the bill to make it law.

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