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Thank you for bringing Menas Tsikritsis to my attention. I was unaware of any erasure and substitution, so new facts and areas for speculation are very welcome. I'm not sure as to the impact such an erasure and substitution would have on my idea. I can see an argument of erasure supporting an increased likelihood of it being a giant stencil because an efficiency gain would be had just erasing and substituting a few individual stencils out of giant one versus creating the entire disk out of individual stencils one at a time. This is a very interesting piece of new information and I can't say which way I see it moving the probability.

The Phaistos Disk is a mystery for which I do not have any very solid explanation. Each idea I have fits some facts well and others poorly, so I don't settle on any particular one and just look at the various leading contenders. I do agree that my idea is not very likely.

The Phaistos Disk is part of the larger mystery of Crete prior to the Mycenaeans invading which deserves so much more attention than it has received. The Great Pyramid deserves its monumental place in history, but Crete is much more mysterious.

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