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Hi Everyone!

Just for the Record, I don't just pull stuff out of thin air, I have worked & Experimented with Ceramics, concrete, metals and many materials and combinations in conjunction with electricity & electronic conductivity and magnetism and more. I talked my mom into buying a kiln when I was in elementary school, since she had a stroke the doctor recommended that painting ceramics could help her, as well as it provided supplemental income later in her life. My step dad may wish I never showed him how to make molds off of antique cookie jars, My mom made hundreds of reproductions of many antique cookie jars and my step dad was the one that made all the molds and poured them, and some of her cookie jars are in a few books, she marked her stuff so people could not pass it off as the Real McCoy, and a lot were reproductions of McCoy's cookie jars. I have many things I want to build and I'm not giving every detail away for free. I apologize some my stuff may not come across right or the way intended, as I'm in so much pain I struggle to find the words and even if I have it all worked out it doesn't always come across the way I want or meant. On some stuff I am being vague on purpose.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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