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I use this HONORIFIC in it's purest sense! The Archaeological mainstream use this prefix with disregard for its meaning! Sphinx area weathering, Gobekli Tepe,
millions of stone ruins in S. Africa, et al, should be crawling with the mainstream Archaeologists, they scarcely even mention these sites! I feel, and I hope others reading
this feel the same way, that mainstream Archaeologists have EARNED our disregard! Mainstream looks at these sites with BLINDERS on, then they give an opinion that
is so COLORED with disregard for what they see! It almost seems as though they were forced to look at it and now their done with it.

Dr. Hancock, Please amend this as you see fit, but ISN'T IT TIME you used a few words such as COLORING & BLINDERS, when referring to them? ? ?
I know, I know, your a gentleman and refuse to come down to their level!
I suspect there are MANY of US out here that feel "Graham Hancock" is at LEAST as good, if not BETTER than many Archaeologists! ! ! Let yourself be heard if you agree
he deserves the (Dr.) prefix!

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