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Dr. Troglodyte Wrote:
> From Mysteries to Misc.
> “World News Daily Report” is a satirical news
> site.

Disclaimer...WNDR assumes
> however all responsibility for the satirical
> nature of its articles and for the fictional
> nature of their content. All characters appearing
> in the articles in this website – even those
> based on real people – are entirely fictional
> and any resemblance between them and any persons,
> living, dead, or undead is purely a
> miracle.”
> W
> orld News Daily Report

> Please do not reply publically to this post; use
> mods@grahamhancock.com if you wish
> to contact the Moderator Team.
> Dr. Troglodyte
> GHMB Moderator

It's in the same league as 'Natural News', RT, or anything with 'Truth', 'Survival' or 'Liberty' in the title. When you see those words, infer the opposite meaning.


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