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PNAC: Rebuilding America's Defenses, September of 2000

IMHO this document is a New World Order Blueprint to use and abuse America's might for a global Oligarchies gain via resources, stock options and the making of U.S. police state. In this blue print Islam is the target, because of their oil and threat to Israel. Make no mistake 9/11 is a product of the Amerael (America - Israel con to blame Islam). America's 3 main assets that the New World Order lusts for is technical know how (and that's in decline), military might and food. America we are tools to the NWO.

First off why give more to the Pentagon, when 2.3 Trillion went missing as reported a day prior to 9/11; then our government shot either a missile or global hawk into the audit building at the Pentagon


This Neoconservative document is really not about building defense, but just the opposite. The premise of this paper is for America to be an offensive weapon too start up protracted wars and gobble up resources around the world; so that the corporate war pigs make money.

This intro quote ends with peace; however then the 2nd quote goes on yearning for a 9/11. But oops well a Pearl Harbor (same difference)!

America's decline in strength has never been the military with one exception of course 2.3 trillion lost by the Pentagon (2.3 Trill was more likely stolen, a gift by the FED).

America's invasion is an economic one from Mexico to outsourcing of manufacturing; which makes us an import nation. The many reasons America is losing strength are Glass-Steagall, derivatives, Fannie May & Freddie Mac, too big to fail, the CORP-FED-DC-WALLST manipulation of money to serve the elite and lower the middle class through stagflation, interest rate & loan fraud by the banks (the list goes on)!

In short America is being hustled by a left right Federal Government that is listening to a New World Order Agenda aimed at the demise of the U.S. In essence the our military is no longer to defend its citizens, but to serve the bottom line of corporations; meaning to fight protracted wars with no clear objective on foreign soil as tool and means to serve Global Elite's portfolio. Furthermore the steady erosion of Americans rights and the main target to end America's sovereignty.

So here is to you America Obama, Kissinger s pick for President and you can bet if Mitt Romney is elected Iran is in the cross hairs, but if Obama is in Iran is still on the table.


The Project for the New American
Century was established in the spring of
1997. From its inception, the Project has
been concerned with the decline in the
strength of America’s defenses, and in the
problems this would create for the exercise
of American leadership around the globe
and, ultimately, for the preservation of


Further, the process of transformation,
even if it brings revolutionary change, is
likely to be a long one, absent some
catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a
new Pearl Harbor

What did they get after 9/11?


the unresolved
conflict with Iraq
provides the
justification, the
need for a
American force
presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of
the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Other great reads about the Neo-Con take over:


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